The 7 Waterfalls of Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan

Swim in seven swirling basins and suffuse your body in a chain of lush waterfalls all around Jawili’s picturesque montage of naturalresources.

Known for its Seven Basins, Jawili Falls in Tangalan, Aklan maintains a mesmerizing composition of crystal clear pools and waterfalls, balanced with indigenous plants and multihued limestone rocks to provide the perfect getaway from the most in demand tourist destination in the world that is Boracay.

In just an hour road trip from Caticlan (Boracay) to Tangalan, one can by far absorb the radiance and realism of Mother Nature’s work of art, which is abundant in the island of Panay, much less in Aklan. Thus with the fervent support of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) under the name, “Project Bugna”, Jawili Falls’ maintenance is relentlessly executed while reforestation projects are sustained especially at the watershed of the falls to accommodate the inevitable upsurge of tourism that seeps from Boracay to the Mainland. Furthermore, with the scenic and dramatic flow of fresh water pools ranging from 130 square feet to 540 square feet and with the depth of 8-10 feet, families and barkadas can either luxuriate during the daytime or overnight in any of the quaint cottage, indisputably providing a dreamlike atmosphere for relaxation away from the vigorous lifestyle of cosmopolitan sites.

The sight of clear water cascading on colorful rocks along the entire shores of Aklan’s prominence is irrefutably therapeutic. Its water and biodiversity eliminates the mental and physical toxins that mere mortals like us are vulnerable to. One only has to admit the breath of fresh air that emanates from its rich natural resources, which consequently eases away one’s possibly disquieting mindset plainly influenced by one’s own environment.

Once when I set foot at the bottom of the 100 meter high falls, I heard a voice telling me to “let go” of unimportant things that was invading my entire being; things that were withholding me from appreciating the totality of nature.  Yet, with just the sight of Jawili Falls, my senses quickly sharpened and instantly unearthed the sanguinity that was deeply embedded in me.

The need to swim is unimportant. What is important is one’s surrender to such bequests for an hour or two in order to appreciate life’s wealth, which is what nature’s all about. Modern accommodations are also provided within an arm’s length away from Jawili’s raw structure to cater to everyone’s comfort needs.

Tourists coming from Manila and abroad can take a plane to Kalibo where mini buses to Tangalan are available.  And for those spending a holiday in Boracay, simply take a pump boat to Caticlan and ride a van or a jeepney that navigates towards Tangalan.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the raw beauty that still exists in the island of Panay before it’s too late.


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