Love Unrequited

I stood in waiting

Under the bright moon of the bewitching sky

Hoping that my love

Eventually hears my solemn cry

I stared at the moon

Praying that he’d come out

And run to my open arms

With my thick layers completely shed out

Please come out

I pray

Please come out

But no one came

I waited a bit more

And a little bit more

Until my cigarette ran out of fire

While trying to hold my head up high

The sign I had waited for came

But he did not

So I turned and walked away

Silently wishing that he’d run my way

Now as I sit here thinking

Of what could have been

Was it ever real

Or was it all in vain

A sigh passed my lips

And then my last tears

Let go, my mind said

So let go I did…


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