A Guinea Pig’s Delight: 3 Days of Ayurvedic Detox

Almost everybody want to quit smoking, to reduce their alcohol intake and to get fit and healthy. But without a definite plan of action, it will never be done. We must regularly fuel our mental, spiritual and physical senses with uplifting food, activities and treatments, if necessary, to sustain equilibrium.

So why not undergo detoxification through Om Sai Yoga and Ayurveda’s detoxification and rejuvenation program or Panchakarma.

Panchakarma, in sanskrit means five actions or treatments, which regulates the three principal components of the body (Doshas): air, fire, and water. This suggests nasal therapy, vomiting, purging and two types of therapeutic enema, by which one uses herbal decoction and the other one with herbal oils.

Om Sai Yoga & Ayurveda applies all treatments within three or seven days, depending on the lifestyle, type and health history of a person.

As a devoted guinea pig, I decided to undergo the Panchakarma treatment.  Yoga and Ayurvedic practitioner Praveen prescribed to me the three-day treatment based on my age and vices, which I was relieved to hear were considerably moderate.

On my first day, Praveen performed a natural toxin-release massage, known as Abhyanga, done with a traditional Ayurvedic oil extracted from an Indian medicinal plant, cooked thoroughly with herbs and spices; It synchronizes certain points of the body, thereby loosening deep-seated toxins in the joints and tissues. It cures muscular problems, overweight, blood circulation, tension, and stress.

In the middle of the massage, I felt discomfort in some areas of my body.  He said, that it is because of my over-exerted muscles and stress, which when compressed takes time to relax. Well, stress is an overused word, which I personally don’t believe exists in me, but then he explained that we all go through stress especially when we apply excessive mental and physical effort into a particular task at hand.  He later discovered that my doshas are imbalanced; I am predominantly of air, a little of water, yet no fire.

Praveen also found that I have a liver problem.  I was not surprised to hear that due to my history of Hepatitis A at the age of 14.  He further noted that my body was lacking of minerals (though I follow a healthy diet) because my excessive air composition is hindering the proper dispersement of minerals throughout my body.

As the Abhyanga treatment ended, Ayurvedic Specialist Manoj Nair, began pouring Ayurvedic medicated oil on my forehead through a punctured brass pot in a meticulous and precise motion.  This treatment, called Shirodhara, aids in removing toxins from the head to the nape, likewise aids in relaxing the body and opening the third eye (the point between your eyebrows) for yogic meditation.

True enough, the oil that was flowing on my forehead and down to my nape further relaxed my head even to the point of numbness.  And before the 45-minute treatment was completed, I woke up unaware that I had fallen asleep.

A short while later, Manoj performed an Ayurvedic facial massage, called Mugha Abhyanga.  He started by massaging the surrounding area of my face with red sandal wax to relieve facial muscles as well as to lift my face up.  He explained that this method is a non-surgical solution for face lifts and wrinkles removal when done within 7 days. He followed through with the treatment by deeply massaging my nose and third eye to relieve the clogness and to sharpen my concentration. He capped it up by rubbing my ears and massaging my ear lobes, to improve my hearing sensation.

Soon after, he wiped the wax off and replaced it with a mudpack mixed with a special Indian powder to tighten my skin.

As the mask was starting to peel on its own, Manoj, began the Nasyam treatment on my nose.  He gradually poured herbal essence drops into my nostrils to remove toxins from my sinuses and crane.  I stayed lying on the oil-resistant beech wood table with my head hanging for a minute so the herbal essence penetrates in.  Manoj advised me to spit out the toxins pushed by the essence. I left the Rock Hotel with some detoxifying herbal medicines in my pocket and clear liquid spits of toxins on my handkerchief.

After a good night’s sleep, I returned for my second session.  I went through the same Abhyanga treatment for 45 minutes, followed by Njavara Kizhi, a therapy, which uses a decoction of boiled Indian rice and milk, packed in a linen pouch.  The hot pouch was then punched into certain points of my body to keep the three Doshas balanced and to relax my bones and joints.

While my body temperature stabilized, they let me inhale the aromatic steam (Vaaspasveda) evaporating from a hot pot mixture of medicated oil, herbs and water to clear my sinus and relax my head.  Later, Manoj did another session of Nasyam to my nose.

On the my final detox day, I underwent Abhyanga, Njavara Kizhi, Mugha Abhyanga and Nasyam for 2 ½ hours.  I noticed my spit gradually transforming into sticky white phlegm.  Praveen commended me for that and advised that the phlegm will disappear.  He said that if my phlegm had been black, then my toxin level would have been high.

I came home that day, rejuvenated, deflated, and toned, with my face tightened and my nose clear.

Even now, five months after my Panchakarma, I still feel light and clean as I felt when I went through it.  I have not stopped my vices, but with regular exercise and a healthy diet, I can feel my body responding positively.

Namaste, Om Sai Yoga & Ayurveda.

Check them out at http://www.omsaischoolofyoga.com or look for Sharm-ayurveda Yoga Rajayoga on facebook for updates.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. alecx pangan says:

    hei amanda,

    how have you been? where did you go for a spa.am checking on possibility of travelling to egypt in particular sharm. 🙂

    have a nice day!

    1. Amanda says:

      Hey Alecx! I’m doing great! How’s your catering doing? The Ayurvedic spa I went to is operated by an Indian friend of mine. He’s an Ayurveda disciple by blood kaya it’s authentic. When do you plan on coming here? Let me know if you have any other interests so I could help you with some tidbits. 🙂

      Have a great day to you, too!

  2. Hoda Tomoum says:

    Hey Amanda,
    i am sorry, you’re saying you had that panchakarma treatment in sharm el sheikh in egypt??
    because i am desperately looking for a place here in egypt that offer these kind of treatments.. please send me the details because i searched for that place and i found it only in india, and there was no facebook group or page or anything

    thank you,
    Hoda T.

    1. Amanda says:

      Hi Hoda. Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately that Ayurveda practitioner moved back to Kerala India. You can check out their facebook page – you and nature resort.



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