Om Sai Yoga and Ayurveda

In a town where traffic and pollution cease, and abundance of nature peaks, one easily attains optimum health, beauty and contentment in life.  Well, “life”, in the words of ancient Indian Ayurvedic physician Charaka Samhita, being a “combination of the body, sense organs, mind and soul, the factor responsible for preventing decay and death, which sustains the body over time, and guides the processes of rebirth”, should therefore be self-contained regardless of external factors.

However, in tough moments like the current global crisis, we find ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of decay; to a slow spiralling down to depression, overlooking our precious dreams and disregarding our health.  We succumb to vices for the sake of our quick yet brief upliftment, but then we instantly return to our abusive habits and wait for another upliftment to arise.  But what if we were given the chance for eternal upliftment and permanently overcome frustrating obstacles?

Should you accept this chance with open eyes, a pure heart and a willing soul, then Om Sai Yoga and Ayurveda is here to help you achieve all that.

Coming from a long lineage of Ayurveda practitioners or Ashtavaidyas, Praveen Saathi, Munna Sadanandan, and Manoj Nair founded Om Sai Yoga and Ayurveda to enlighten people in their native country India and other parts of Asia with the philosophy and discipline of Yoga and the ancient holistic healing of Ayurveda that were taught to them by their ancestors.

From left to right, Ashtavaidyas Praveen, Munna and Manoj

Praveen had been the first one among them to move to Sharm El Sheikh.  He came here mid-last year to teach a full-course of Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga) or yoga path of meditation, based on his studies of the Bhramakumari Yoga System, a system that assures a balanced life in a holistic and non-aesthetic approach. Through his grandmother he learned the application of Yoga, Indian martial arts (Kalari) and herbal knowledge to Ayurveda.  At which point, he discovered that the components of nature provides stronger solutions than modern techniques.

Thus, after months of teaching and getting acquainted with the desert tinsel town, he felt the need to open an authentic Ayurvedic center where people from here and Cairo can undergo an all-organic and low cost solution for health and beauty rejuvenation, done only by qualified Ayurvedic practitioners from Kerala (the leading Indian state of Ayurvedic medical system).

Consequently, he went back to his hometown, Kerala to relearn his Ayurvedic knowledge and to bring with him fellow Ashtavaidyas, Munna and Manoj to Sharm.

Munna and Nair, both degree holders of Ayurvedic healing system in Kerala, did not waste time in preparing the organic Ayurvedic medicaments (true to the strict Dhanvantari principle) as soon as they arrived here.

Om Sai Yoga & Ayurveda delivers a holistic lifestyle with soul and body exercises, as well as awareness and respect to nature by maximizing her abundant gifts.  Their name, on the other hand, represents their integrated beliefs and practices. Om, being the root of all mantras for deeper concentration of the mind; Sai, inspired by Indian guru and saint, Sai Baba of Shirdi, who tried to harmonize Hinduism and Islam with his philosophy; Yoga, an ancient discipline that unites the mind, body and soul; and Ayurveda, from the compound word Ayus, meaning life, and Veda, knowledge or science, which together forms the “knowledge of life” or more appropriately, “the science of long life” through the ancient Indian holistic way of healing.

They offer a long line of preventive treatments for health and beauty such as: Abhyanga (full-body therapeutic massage), Shirodhara (medicated oil drops on the head), Shirovasti (medicated oil drops with a cap), Njavara Khizi (herbal linen pouch body treatment), Panchakarma (3 or 7 days detoxification), Marma (vigorous massage with the use of hands and feet), Kativasti (medicated oil retained on the body), Pizhichil (medicated oil bath), Nasyam (sinusitis treatment), Mugha Abhyanga (herbal facial treatment). These Ayurvedic treatments coincide with session prescribed treatments like: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Breast Lift, Wrinkles Treatment, Eye Bag Removal, Mudpack, Skin Toning, Stress Buster (3-5 days), Weight Loss (5-7 days) E.E.N.T. Care (3 days), and Herbal Haircare.

Yogi Praveen advises current and future yogis to learn how to conserve their energy so they could properly channel it into self-attunement.  He also stresses that to understand the full-benefits of yoga, particularly Raja Yoga, yogis should first master The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These are the 8 disciplinary limbs, which begin with Yama (social discipline), Niyama (individual discipline), Asana (posture), Pranayama (control of the life energy through breathing), Pratyahara (mind withrawal from the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (enlightenment); By disregarding one limb a yogi cannot fully achieve Yoga’s full benefits.  Hence when it comes to meditation, a yogi has to religiously practice it daily at the same time, either in the early morning or in the dark night, so he/she could adopt proper control of thoughts and be mindful of his/her daily actions.

At the end of the day, it is only up to us whether we choose to realize our true selves and achieve eternal contentment or be caught in the chaos produced by others.

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