A Breezy Beach Breakfast at Ambassador Beach Resort

When in Boracay Island during monsoon season, one may experience unpredictable weather occurrences. It could rain from the evening until dawn, sunny in the morning until noon, overcast in the afternoon until it slightly clears for sunset, and then rain again at dinner time.  There are also some heavenly days wherein the clear blue sky unfailingly shines upon the entire island.

The best option would be in this case is to take advantage of the low season rates of hotels along White Beach.  That way every minute of one’s own holiday is spent right there where one could just walk from one end of the beach’s white sand to the other end, amid stops at preferred establishments and the calming panorama of the sea.

For those opting for inland accommodations, start your morning regimen by walking along the coast and treat yourself with a breezy breakfast on the White Beach instead.  An ideal breakfast stop would be is at Ambassador Beach Resort in the beach’s Northern end where the finest and widest expanse of white sand is found.

Starting from 6:00 to 10:30 a.m. in-house and outside guests of the 5-star resort can partake of its daily breakfast buffet.  With the delightful setup of various delectable dishes, roofed outdoor dining and see-through windbreakers, guests could actually spend their early morn relaxing, reading a book or swimming in between a series of breakfast servings.

Ambassador Beach Resort’s breakfast buffet presents fresh tropical fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, dragon fruit, etc.), cold cuts, a counter for made-to-order pancakes, waffles and eggs, a bread slicing area, freshly baked pastries (danish, cream puff, muffins, scones, croissants, bagels, cinnamon roll, eclair, miniature cakes, etc.), assorted porridge items (cocoa flakes, corn flakes and muesli), cold milk, natural yogurt, assorted juice dispensers (orange, mango, pineapple and iced tea), and an assembly of appetizing warm dishes (crispy bacon, hotdogs, beef tapa, chicken adobo, buttered vegetables, pancit canton, french fries, soup, etc.) specially prepared by notable chef Fortune Fulgar and served by well-trained waitstaff.

Bread Baskets
Porridge and Juice Counter

Crispy Bacon with Scrambled Eggs
Chicken Adobo

Have these sumptuous staples and all-you-can-drink coffee or hot chocolate for only 550 Php per person.  What’s more is that the Ambassador Beach Resort is located at the prime spot of Boracay’s White Beach.

Check out its website: http://ambassadorinparadise.com.


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