Island Foodies’ Christmas Treats

Christmas is never complete without food.  It has been a tradition all over the world to celebrate Christmas with a company of family and close friends, good vibes, yuletide ambience with colorful adornments, all-time favorite Christmas carols, and lots of food.

In Boracay, this much-awaited time of the year is usually celebrated on the eve of Christmas (as in the Philippines), either at home, in the home of a friend or in a restaurant, with a smorgasbord of mouthwatering dishes especially made for the occasion.

This year, Mayas Fiipino & Mexican Cuisine chef Jun Salme plans to cook up a very special Filipino dish for Christmas.  The Center for Culinary Arts graduate will prepare Boneless Patatim Hamonado – a dish of Braised boneless pork leg with brown sugar and banana ketchup glaze, which as Chef Jun notes, “combines the flavour and technique of Chinese influence and common Filipino ingredients.”


Boneless Patatim Hamonado

 5 pcs            Pork leg, trimmed, washed, deboned

3 cups         Banana Ketchup

1 litter         Soda (Sprite)

1 cup           Brown sugar

150 ml        Hoisin sauce

250 ml       Rice wine

1 tsp            All spice, ground

15 pcs         Star anise

1 tbsp         Black peppercorn, whole

150 g          Ginger, sliced

100 g          Onion, chopped

80 g            Garlic, chopped

10 pcs         Banana (Saba), pan-fried for garnishing,

80 g            Leeks, sliced

1 liter         Pork stock

*Special Equipment: Twine; Braising pan

1. Position a rack in the lower part of the oven and preheat to 325 degree Fahrenheit.

2. Season the deboned pork leg with salt and pepper. Beginning with a short side, roll up each pork leg piece, gently pressing the side to tack in while rolling, and then tie the roulade crosswise with twine or string.

3. Deep-fry each pork leg roulade one at a time in a preheated oil of 350 degree Fahrenheit until brown and set aside.

4. Sauté onions, garlic and ginger in a braising pot.  Deglaze with rice wine and reduce it by half.

5. Add the rest of the ingredients and browned pork roulade except for the banana.  Bring to boil over high heat, covered, then transfer to oven and braise for 2 hours or until meat is tender.

6. Transfer pork leg roulade and let it rest, covered.  While the pork is resting, skim some of the fat and strain the braising liquid to a heavy base sauce pot and reduce it by half or until the sauce is thick or sauce-like consistency.  Adjust seasoning.

*To Serve: Slice the pork leg roulade and arrange in a plate.  Warm the sauce and pour on top of the roulade.  Garnish with deep-fried banana, star anise, and leeks.

Boneless Patatim


OJ’s Roast Bake Grill co-founder and pastry chef, Marissa Peralta believes that “there is probably nothing more festive than having a beautiful Roast Turkey on your Christmas dinner table.”  The talented sweets baker and the Madame of the now-defunct Sweet Inspirations in Manila hereby shares a not-so-difficult version of OJ’s Roast Turkey.  Marissa suggests that “making the perfect Roast Turkey requires time and careful planning.   Bought in its frozen state, it takes 2 days to completely thaw the bird in your refrigerator.  Keep the turkey in its original wrapper.  Place it on a tray or in a pan to catch any juices that may leak.”

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

On the morning of your party, take your turkey out.  Remove the neck and giblets from the inside cavity and make your stock.  While stock is cooking, clean the bird inside and out and pat dry.  Put in a pan and return to your refrigerator till ready to stuff.

Turkey Stock:

Neck and Giblets of Turkey

150 g                White Onions (quartered)

75 g                  Celery Stalks

1 pc                   Carrot

2 liters             Water

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Put all the ingredients in a stock pot and bring to a boil.  Lower flame and let simmer for 1 ½ – 2 hours.  Adjust seasonings.  Strain.

Bread Stuffing:

½ cup             Butter

100 g               Chopped Onions

75 g                  Chopped Celery

1 tbsp              Rubbed Sage

1 tbsp              Dried Oregano

1 ½ loaves of White Bread, cubed

4 cups             Turkey Stock

Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a saucepan.  Sauté onions and celery.  Add dried herbs and sauté for 1 minute.  Add stock and let simmer for 20 minutes. Correct seasonings. Pour over bread cubes a cup at a time.  Add just enough to moisten bread.  Let cool completely before stuffing your bird.

Procedure for Roasting Turkey:

1. Pat dry the turkey making sure to remove any blood that may sink into the inside cavities.

2. Rub with salt, chopped garlic and sage.

3. Rub all over with softened butter.

4. Put into your roasting pan, breast side up.

5. Put cooled stuffing into the cavity, leaving a finger’s distance from the roof of the cavity.

6. Pour 1 ½ cups stock into the base of the pan.

7. Tent with aluminum foil and put into an oven, preheated to 350 deg F.

8. Remove foil covering and baste with juices every 30 minutes. Tent again before returning to oven.

9. Cooking time is computed at 25 minutes per pound.  That means a 13 lb turkey will take approximately 5 ½ hours to cook.  You may also insert a meat thermometer into the thigh portion of your bird.  Your bird is done when temperature is at 165 degrees.

10. During the last hour of roasting, remove the foil to brown the bird.

11. When done, remove from oven.  Pour out drippings from pan to make your gravy.

12. Tent the bird and allow to rest 20 minutes before carving.


½ cup All-purpose Flour

½ cup Butter

Turkey Drippings

Brown flour in a sauce pan.  Stir continuously to avoid burning.  Put butter and mix to make a roux.  Slowly add drippings and cook till slightly thick.  Adjust seasonings as you wish.


                                             chef fortune

Having reached his fame as the Executive Chef of Fridays Boracay, it is no surprise that chef Fortune Fulgar finds pleasure in sharing his famous Chocolate Ganache recipe to everyone.  The current Ambassador in Paradise Resort Executive Chef is quite passionate about his craft.  He is always driven to create and recreate dishes according to his sophisticated palate and two-decade experience in the culinary industry.  In fact, this Chocolate Ganache is just one of the many flavors that he is known for in Boracay.



Chocolate Ganache

Yield: 4 Rings

2 kilos         Chocolate, Dark Belcolade

2 liters         Cream, Heavy

12 pcs.         Sponge, Chocolate

480 ml        Khalua Syrup

1 pc              Chocolate Gold transfer sheet

1. Cut dark chocolate into small pieces and put in container.

2. Boil cream in sauce pot.

3. Pour over chocolate.  Stir until well-melted.  Set aside to cool.

4. To assemble the Cake, arrange sponge in cake ring and moisten with Khalua Syrup.

5. Pour over the mixture, and repeat the process into 3 layers.

6. Set in freezer overnight.

7. Remove cake from ring and decorate with transfer sheets.  Ready to serve.

Chocolate Ganache


Chef Gino Amodio, though notable for his culinary masterpieces at Aria Cucina Chef Gino AmodiojpgItaliana, has a totally different offering for Christmas.  The self-taught chef and pioneer pizza maker on the island contributes his creation of Baked Canadian Salmon Fillet with Cauliflower Coulis, Balsamic Reduction and Crispy Celery to the Christmas feast.  It is a dish that this very disciplined chef enjoyed with his own family and recommends as a fantastic treat for this much-awaited family holiday.  Browse the following ingredients at Heidiland Deli in D’Mall.

Baked Canadian Salmon Fillet with Cauliflower Coulis, Balsamic Reduction and Crispy Celery

180 grams       Canadian Salmon Fillet
70 grams         Cauliflower
15 grams          Celery
1 tbsp                Balsamic Vinegar
15 grams          Goat Cheese
15 grams          Pecorino Cheese
2 tbsp               Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)
1 tsp                 Honey
to taste            Salt and Pepper

For the salmon
Season salmon fillet with EVO, salt and pepper, and bake until it starts to get golden.

For the coulis
Boil cauliflower in salted water then blend with goat cheese , EVO, pecorino cheese and pepper.  Filter with a chinoise or a conical sieve.

For balsamic reduction
Put balsamic vinegar with honey over medium heat and reduce by one third.

To assemble the dish
Place the coulis on the plate, the baked salmon fillet on top, and garnish with celery blades and the balsamic reduction.

Baked Canadian Salmon

And if Christmas shopping eats your time up in preparing these special offerings, then you know where to find its respective chefs.

Have a yummy and happy Christmas everyone!


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