Lilom: the Promise of A Weekend Getaway

5Nestled within the enclave of Anilao’s dramatic coastline is Lilom, a quaint resort paradise breathing with a will for exploration and an unmitigated air for languor.

Amid a picturesque setting of lush greenery, towering trees, blossoming flowers abound native style cottages, coupled with the mystifying exhibition of rocks bouldering the western coast, the deep blue sea and virgin islands across, Lilom emits tranquility and privacy, suggesting an ideal weekend retreat from the demanding events of our mundane life or an intimate seaside celebration to be shared with loved ones.

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This scenic boutique resort houses seven cozy cottages, touched with the natural elements of stones, wood and bamboo, reflecting a finer impression of its original landscape.  Each is composed of cushy and clean mattresses, artisan furniture, A/C and fans, a private bathroom and a wide veranda, which appeals for meditation, a sea breezy slumber and a rejuvenating deep-tissue massage done in the old hilot tradition.

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Whilst this scenery enhances the beholder’s appetite food, a wealth of home-cooked food is consistently served to satisfy everyone’s unique cravings.  The resort’s well-run kitchen dishes up bounteous portions of local favors five times a day: as all-you-can-eat breakfast that kids always love, like pancakes, omelets, meat, rice and freshly delivered hot 14pandesal served with butter, muscovado spread and fruit jams; warm lunch and dinner buffets of meat, vegetables and the day’s fresh caught with steamed rice; an afternoon merienda of native delicacy like coconut topped rice cakes perfectly paired with a choice of hot native cocoa or brewed Batangas’ barako coffee; and sunset cocktails done with a pitcher of mojito and a pica-pica of toasted bread slices and herbed tomato salsa.  Guests could savor their meals at the homely al-fresco dining area, at the lavishly landscaped lawn, in the privacy of one’s own cottage, or in a romantic setting prepared by the resort’s amiable staff.

Where a holiday in Anilao appeals mostly to sea-lovers who are geared towards diving and snorkeling in the protected marine sanctuary or grazing the sea’s surface with a kayak or a windsurf, activities for the earth dwellers such as trekking along the rocky coast, hiking into the forest and cycling around the town, meanwhile getting acquainted with the local community, or simply luxuriating with the kids in the resort’s stone-encased mini pools and taking progressive snapshots of the magnificent sunset are also super.

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All it takes is a smooth 3-hour drive from the city center to Lilom for the manifestation of a blissful weekend getaway.

Visit! for further details.


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