Living in Love at Casa Mika

A house built for reviving an unforgettable tryst, for rediscovering tranquility away from the bustling city life, or for immersing in one’s own creativity amid a profound encapsulation of flourishing nature and the stunning seascape, Casa Mika  sheds the blessings of an ideal home in the Philippines’ paradise island, Boracay.


Casa Mika is perched on the the hilltop of the island’s western coastal town, Din-i-wid. This Filipino-European style villa is within the luxurious Tropicana Ocean Villas compound, over 240 steps up from Din-i-wid beach, allowing an eagle’s eye view of its surrounding nature and its neighbouring beach and the island’s most famous White Beach.

From the inviting doorway of the main entrance, one instantly absorbs the cozy atmosphere of its interior, patched with thick cogon (dried leaves) roof, sleek wooden furniture set in the wide living area, which opens to a 180° view of the breathtaking sea and Mainland Panay through glass sliding door panels and the wide wooden balcony, a big kitchen equipped with all the essentials, a guest bedroom that is conveniently located next to the living room and to the outdoor Jacuzzi, and a spiral staircase leading to its splendid Master’s bedroom, which offers an extensive view of of its captivating scenery.

Casa Mika’s tranquil abode extends to its verdant outdoors, to a terrace within fragrant tropical flowers, to the relaxing jacuzzi area, and to a private lounge area a few steps below, where watching the sun setting in the horizon stamps a gratifying affirmation to life’s infinite blessings.

A poetic haven in Boracay Island, Casa Mika inspires creativity, solitude, contentment and the love for life.

For further information on Casa Mika, contact SPR Boracay Real Estate through the following links:


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